Soura Summer Shorts: Queer Shorts from the SWANA region

Soura Summer Shorts: Queer Shorts from the SWANA region

  • Tue 23 Aug 2022 // 20:30

VENUE: Alte Münze // Open Air

Molkenmarkt 2, 10179, Berlin

  • Tue 23.08.2022
    20:30 - 22:00

We are thrilled to have Soura Film Festival back with another edition of their Soura Summer Shorts .

This time Soura Film Festival will be presenting a program of 7 short films which include sneak peaks into their upcoming 4th edition this fall.


* The Adam Basma Project [15 min | Lebanon]
* Spring in Autumn [8 min | Iran]
* Thick Skin [6 min | Tunisia]
* Tahini [12 min | Belgium]
* Exit Beirut [7 min | Lebanon]
* Manwella [10 min | Tunisia]
* Stiletto [18 min | Turkey]

Dir. Leila Basma
2020 | 15 min | Lebanon
Arabic | English subtitles

“My uncle Adam left Lebanon when he was just a teenager to become a belly dancer. Growing up with only what he had left behind, I’ve been wondering my whole life who Adam truly is.” – Leila Basma
Dir. Ghasideh Golmakani
2021 | 8 min | Iran
Persian | English subtitles

An Iranian woman leaves her husband and travels to Russia. Memories of her World Cup trip come up, as well as an uncomfortable secret. Inspired by classic epistolary melodramas, Golmakani draws attention to the many taboos rooted deeply in traditional Iranian society.
THICK SKIN * Soura 2022 Sneak Peek *
Dir. Ines Arsi
2022 | 6 min | Tunisia
Arabic, French | English subtitles

To define yourself is to shut yourself away. Ahmed, a young Tunisian artist, transcends standards and goes beyond the labels that are stuck on him, with a single goal: to live freely as his soul tells him to do.
Dir. Camille Ghekiere
2020 | 12 min | Belgium
Arabic, Dutch | English subtitles

A young Syrian refugee struggles to adapt to his new surroundings of a Western European country. When he meets Houssam, who shares his roots but grew up in the West, feelings he would have never dared acknowledge take the upper hand.
Dir. Eli Salameh
2019 | 7 min | Lebanon
Arabic | English subtitles

Even the rarest of connections can seldom define a person’s life. When your heart is somewhere else, you will always live a paradox. This is a story of a special connection between Angela and Joan. Welcome to Beirut at night!
MANWELLA * Soura 2022 Sneak Peek *
Dir. Sahar El Euchi
2022 | 10 min | Tunisia
Arabic, French | English subtitles

Two names, two faces and one story. A story that is told behind the eyes of a person who is looking to be free but not lonely.
STILETTO * Soura 2022 Sneak Peek *
Dir. Can Merdan Doğan
2021 | 18 min | Turkey
Turkish | English subtitles

Hasan is a taxi driver working the night shift. On the early-morning drive home, he sees a woman passing in high heels. Fascinated by her appearance, he does something that leads to disaster in a world where the boundaries of masculinity are clearly drawn.

Date: 23rd August 2022, 20:30
Venue: Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
Tickets: 8 EUR, or 6 EUR with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.