Fernando Huerta

Company Director


What time does the cinema open?

During summer, our open air cinemas doors open at least 30-45 minutes before beginning. Should it be a sold out screening you can come 1 hour before.

During the winter, the indoor cinema ticket office and screening room doors open at least 15 minutes before the first show. For second shows, ticket office opens 1 hour before and screening room doors open around 15 minutes before the film starts, to allow people from the prior screening to leave the cinema.

I don’t speak German, can I come to any film?

YES! All our regular screenings are original language in either English language with German subtitles, or other languages with English subtitles). If you speak English, no need to ask, you will always be catered for.

What does OmU, OmeU, OV (OF) mean?

OmU: Original with German Subtitles (This would always be English language)
OmeU: Original with English subtitles (This applies to films in any language (beside English), with English subtitles)
OV (OF): Original version. When you see this, it will always be English with no subtitles.

Can I bring drinks and food to the cinema?

Unfortunately, drinks are not allowed to any screening. We ask you politely to please not bring drinks, as you will not be allowed in with them. Water is allowed though. Our partner locations support us with low rent so they need to pay their staff and costs with the gastronomy. Please help us keep our locations. No drink sales, no Mobile Kino in a location near you.

Food is normally allowed, but there are some exceptions. Please check in the event information for specifics about each venue.

I didn’t receive my ticket per email. What can I do?

You can use your payment confirmation email as well. We do have a listing of tickets purchased in our scanner. You can also write to us and we can resend it. Please do so at least 24 hours before the event.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

No, on the Smartphone is fine. We prefer you wouldn’t print it, as we don’t want to generate rubbish. Please bring it on your Smartphone. Important: Please don’t take pictures of your ticket as our scanner doesn’t scan pictures unless they are good quality. Use the original ticket.

I can't come to a screening anymore. What are my options?

You can pass on a ticket to a friend (or sell it), ask for a refund or change the ticket for another screening. See below for those 3 cases.

Can I refund an online ticket?

Yes, if we receive an email up to 24 hours before the event to mail@mobilekino.berlin, we can refund the ticket no questions asked. After 24 hours or less before the event we do not refund tickets, no matter the reason – Why are we so mean? As we report the sales to the distributors, we miss the emails if we don’t have enough time to read them. We are a small independent cinema without customer service department, so we are setting up cinemas while you write and the office is not manned 24 hours a day.


Can I change screening instead of a refund?

Yes, that is fine, but we need 24 hours notice to do the swap on the system and send you a new ticket.

Can I pass on my tickets to friends?

Yes, the bearer of the ticket can use it anytime. You don’t need to inform us, just tell your friends to show up with your tickets, no ID needed.

Why don’t I get a quick reply to my emails?

We are a small independent cinema with a small team. We are often out setting up cinemas, so we need 24-48 hours to reply. Weekends, we are only at events and not in the office, so bare that in mind as well. But we promise you we try hard to reply asap.

Any further inquiry please write us to mail (at) mobilekino (dot) berlin or use the form below