Madres Paralelas (OmeU)

Madres Paralelas (OmeU)

  • Tue 31 May 2022 // 21:30

VENUE: Alte Münze // Open Air

Molkenmarkt 2, 10179, Berlin

  • Tue 31.05.2022
    21:30 - 23:40

Madres Paralelas / Parallel Mothers / Parallele Mütter
(Spanish with English Subtitles, 2h03min)

Pedro Almodóvar explores a new angle on some favourite themes — motherhood, family legacies, reconciliation with the past — in his award-winning latest film, Parallel Mothers.

Two women, Janis and Ana, coincide in a hospital room where they are going to give birth. Both are single and got pregnant by accident. Janis, middle-aged, doesn’t regret it, and she is exultant. The other, Ana, an adolescent, is scared, repentant, and traumatized. Janis tries to encourage her while they move like sleepwalkers along the hospital corridors. The few words they exchange in these hours will create a very close link between the two, which chance will undertake to develop and complicate in such a decisive way that it will change the lives of both.

Date: 31. May 2022, 21:30
Venue: Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
Tickets: 8 EUR, or 6 EUR with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.

Promoter: Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino