Interfilm Festival | GC 01: Hamsterrad

Interfilm Festival | GC 01: Hamsterrad

  • Fri 18 Nov 2022 // 18:30

VENUE: Unterfilm Clubkino

Saarbrücker Str. 23, 10405, Berlin

  • Fri 18.11.2022
    18:30 - 20:30

INTERFILM 38 International Short Film Festival Berlin


GC 01 | Hamsterrad


— DEU–

Die idiotischen Regeln der kapitalistischen Welt verlangen unablässig Leistung von uns Menschen. Das setzt uns unter Druck und führt dazu, dass wir uns sinnlos abstrampeln, um den Idealen der modernen Arbeitswelt zu entsprechen. Aber irgendwann reicht es einfach! Mit einer geballten Faust voller Machtverschiebungen, erfrischender Rollenwechsel und neuer Blickwinkel überraschen die Filme dieses Programms: Sie brechen die Achse des kapitalistischen Hamsterrads, sie machen sich Subversion als Mittel zur Selbsterkenntnis und der Rebellion zu nutze und verteilen ordentlich Kinnhaken an jene, die sie brauchen!



The idiotic rules of the capitalist world incessantly demand that we humans be productive. That puts a lot of pressure on us and keeps us hustling like mad, meaninglessly, in order to conform to the ideals of the modern work world. But sooner or later enough is enough! With a clenched fist full of shifts in the power dynamic, refreshing roll reversals and new perspectives, the films in this program are characterised by surprises: they break the axel of the capitalist hamster wheel, they make use of subversion as a means of gaining self-knowledge and actively rebelling and they’re not afraid to deliver an upper cut or two to the chins of those that deserve it!


Program: 6 films


Anne Isensee // Germany // 2022 // 07:05 min

Animated cinema for the ears centring on an audio descriptor named Simone, who can’t particularly relate to the film in question.

Blaues Rauschen

Blue Noise

Simon Maria Kubiena // Austria, Germany // 2022 // 16:30 min
Live Action

In a chaotic world, caught between dominant colleagues, an unapproachable father and a demanding girlfriend, a young man seeks closeness and affection.

First Work, Then Play

Brenda Lien // Germany // 2021 // 20:00 min
Experimental, Live Action

Maxi, a musician and producer, wrestles with herself when her creative process comes to a standstill due to internal and external pressure to perform.

Louis 1er Roi des Moutons

Louis I. King of the Sheep

Markus Wulf // Germany, United States // 2022 // 08:30 min

When a gust of wind carries a crown to Louis, he appoints himself the first king of the sheep. The unexpected power quickly goes to his head and is fortunately over again with the next breeze.

Warum begeht Helen Koch schweren Kraftwagendiebstahl?

Why does Helen Koch commit serious vehicle theft?

Moritz Geiser // Germany // 2022 // 22:00 min
Live Action

Quirky teacher Helen and notorious problem pupil Mia have one thing in common: they detest the social roles which have been assigned to them by the institutional context of school. A conflict takes shape, and soon escalates.

The Art of Authenticity

Carlo Oppermann // Germany // 2022 // 06:09 min
Live Action

Metropolis, sprawling city. Grime, the smell of urine and smashed glass. I’m happy here, in fact I feel right at home. All thanks to the diligence and dedication of the AfUA, the Authority for Urban Authenticity.



Date: 18. November 2022, 18:30
Venue: Unterfilm Clubkino / Saarbrücker Str. 23, im Keller unter dem Jugendclub, 10405 Berlin
Tickets: 9 EUR, or 7 EUR with Berliner Pass or Student I.D.

Promoter: Fernando Huerta for Mobile Kino



Saarbrücker Str. 23, im Keller unter dem Jugendclub, Berlin, 10405, Germany