Free Screenings: Human Rights Short Films

Free Screenings: Human Rights Short Films

  • Mon 04 Dec 2023 // 16:00

VENUE: Various Locations

, , Berlin Lichtenberg

  • Mon 04.12.2023 - Fri 08.12.2023
    16:00 - 19:00

As part of the Human right Week in Lichtenberg, Mobile Kino has been invited to curate a human rights programme.


The dates and (outdoor!) places are:

4.12. – 17:00-20:00 – Allee Center, Landsberger Allee 277, 13055 Berlin (by the Tram stop)

5.12. – 17:00-20:00 – Bahnhof Wartenberg

6.12. – 17:00-20:00 – Bahnhof Karlshorst

7.12. – 17:00-20:00 – Stefan Heym Platz 1

8.12. – 17:00-20:00 – Storkower Bogen Center

The films will play in loop, so you can come by and watch any time between 17:00 and 20:00 hours.


Programme (with the friendly support of Interfilm):


Cengiz Akayguen // Germany // 2021 // 12:53 min

10-year-old Aysha a rebellious girl wearing a full-body veil and her sister are put to a religious test by their mother in a backyard in Afrin, Syria. However, the strongheaded Aysha is struggling with her identity and secrets, and takes a stand.


État d’alerte sa mère! (State of Emergency Motherfucker!)

Sébastien Petretti // Belgium // 2017 // 05:30 min

Two regular guys just want to “screw” without being disturbed. A surrealistic comedy that depicts a society where police violence and invasion of privacy are daily routine, normal, tedious.



Andrew Hinton // England, India // 2011 // 09:40 min

Amar is 14, top of his class and the main breadwinner in his family. In addition to school, he also works two jobs six and a half days a week. This short observational documentary is a simple journey with Amar through his daily routine.

Dark Chamber

Ottó Bánovits // Sweden, Hungary // 2017 // 05:40 min

The Camera Obscura (latin for Dark Chamber) is an optical device that led to the photographic camera. It consists of a box or a room with a hole on one side. This film is a reconstruction of an event that took place near the border of Austria and Hungary in the Summer of 2015.


A Man Falls From the Sky (Valt Een Man Uit De Lucht)

Kurt Platvoet, Jan Verdijk // Netherlands // 2018 // 08:45 min

Ton and Ineke Korrel enjoy their warm afternoon soup when a man crashes down from the sky, in their garden. Ton sees a dangerous species on his lawn, while Ineke wants to help this heavily injured man. The situation escalates. The couple will soon find out who their other half really is. Hopefully before it’s too late.




Hugo Caby, Zoé Devise, Aubin Kubiak, Antoine Dupriez, Lucas Lermytte // France // 2020 // 08:17 min

Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They will encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they will try to cohabitate.


Was Bleibt (What remains)

Chiara Fleischhacker // Germany, France // 2018 // 08:25 min

At the end of her wedding day, the bride Elaha has locked herself in the bathroom. The last guests are waiting impatiently outside the door, but only her two closest friends are allowed to enter. Secretly they want to insert an artificial hymen inside her, but Elaha is hesitating. Is it not completely bizarre to start a marriage with a lie? Torn between tradition and her own morality, she has to take the right decision. The clock is ticking and the bathroom seems to be getting smaller and smaller.




Ali Soozandeh // Germany // 2002 // 03:49 min

Two little men, one black in a white world and the other white in a black world, fight each other. Why?


Pepe Danquart // Germany // 1992 // 11:51 min

A black man sits down next to an elderly woman on the tram, and she launches into a swearing tirade against foreigners.

Le nom du fils (The Name of the Son)

Louis Delva // France // 2019 // 10:08 min

Tina and Fred, a middle-aged couple seem desperate in their search for a boy’s name. For who? Why? A humorous and thoughtful look on a social issue.



This event is Funded by Kiezfonds Lichtenberg.


Berlin Lichtenberg, Berlin